Calling All Animal Lovers!

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the one and only, Leroy!  To put it simply, this is what Leroy looked like pre-rescue.


Now let’s pretend that Leroy has told me about his first year of life in honest and genuine detail.  Picture this!  Leroy was chained out in a backyard… Not being socialized, loved, trained, or appreciated.  He was bored and stressed and scared.  Then one day he decided to change my life; and he ran with all his might and broke his thick tie out chain and got out of that yard.  He started to run!  And boy can Leroy run.  He was free!  But he didn’t know very much about the streets of Harrisburg.  It was busy with people, and cars, and buildings.  He was scared and happy all at the same time!  He was running and trying to find a better life.  But Leroy got so excited that he ran right into traffic and got hit by a car.  😦  He was hurt, scared, limping, crying, still carrying the chain and padlock of his past.  But he was also friendly, tail-wagging, and happy.

Eventually Leroy made his way to an emergency vets office where they offered to help.  They found that he had a soft tissue injury to his front left leg, a separated pelvis, and a broken femur on his back left leg.  OUCH!  They helped his pain but knew that he could not stay there long or be brought to a shelter.  One of the vet techs started begging for help on facebook (she was smitten by his french kisses).

At this time, I was approved and waiting for my first foster dog with the Luzerne County Pit Bull Owners Group.  I got a call saying, “We found you a dog”, “There isn’t much time”, “Can you help?”.  And of course, I said yes.

This is Leroy post-rescue.

Welcome to our blog.


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