The ratings are in!  (and by ratings I mean my own non-biased, factual ratings) And Jora has been given the ultimate score- 10/10! She’s a complete babe 😉   She is ready for that lifelong commitment of. loving you unconditionally, making you laugh, and bringing joy to your life on a daily basis.

So here it is, laid out for everyone to see- the top ten reasons to adopt Jora 🙂

1. She comes “Home Ready”!

Unlike dogs that come straight out of a shelter, Jora has adjusted wonderfully and passed all her family-living tests.  She is house broken, wonderful in her crate (except that one time), great at snuggling in bed, doesn’t have separation anxiety, hasn’t eaten my couch ect.  She’s ready!

2. She is adaptable.

Jora can handle the times when I have a 9 hour workday and come home to write a paper- she gets less attention than she deserves and adapts like a queen.  Because as much as we aspire to walk our dogs for 2 hours a day, sometimes we get busy.  She can also adapt (and enjoy!) a day where we go to PetSmart and meet a million new friends, take a long walk at the park, wrestle with Leroy for hours (she does this every day), and have some time for training.  She can handle any type of lifestyle!

3. She is beautiful!

Seriously.  OK, looks aren’t everything.  But she is jet black with warm brown eyes and hiding a little patch of white fur on her chest.  She’s a cutie-pa-tootie!

4. FRIENDLY… to all 🙂

Jora is good with other dogs (big and small), good with cats, and she has never met a person she hasn’t absolutely loved.  She welcomes everyone into her life with a smile, tail wag, and full wiggle-butt excitement.  She wants to be best friend with our resident kitty, Major (although he’s not so keen on her).  And although she can be too headstrong when meeting dogs head to head, after a quick walk she will be great with them.

5.   Less-adoptable adoptions make your heart feel warm and fuzzy

While Jora is a catch by most peoples’ standards, her black fur does qualify her in the “less-adoptable” category of dogs.  She is also seen as a “pit bull mix” and that’s a whole separate group of the “less-adoptable”.   So although she’s a friendly Lab mix with lots of great qualities to offer, she is found in two categories that cause people to overlook her.

6. She only has ONE item on her Christmas list

No… not a forever family.  (That is my wish for her)  Jora wants a Nylabone.  She is such a wonderful and happy girl.  If she had just one Nylabone (and at least one loving human), she would be happy for every single second of her life.  Jora in fact has many Nylabones in her foster home with me… But the point is, she’s a low maintenance and very appreciative girl.   🙂

7. She is affectionate!

Jora will kiss your face, mouth, leg, ankle, arm, ear, tongue, mouth ect.  She loves crawling closer and closer to persons face and then excitedly kissing them until they force her to stop!  In fact, she was the star of the Hug-a-Bull booth at LCPO’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day.  She was beyond generous with her love.  Some might have even said she was a little loose!  I mean, the people only had to donate a dollar.  But she went all out!

After hours of hugs and kisses at the “hug-a-bull” booth, Jora was exhausted!

8. Jora knows when to speak up

Although Jora loves everything that moves, she will also give out a few warning barks when someone comes home late at night.  She knows to alert when she hears the door.  While we want our adoptive homes to consider Jora a lifelong family companion, it’s also nice to know that she can help scare off an intruder if the moment were to arise.

9. You will be saving a life!

Adoption saves a few lives in fact.  It’s as simple and wonderful as that.  Foster dogs are especially great because we were able to save Jora’s life, the dog that got her kennel spot was also saved, and we will save another one when she’s adopted!

10.  She’s the best dog up for adoption in the whole world!

This has been thoroughly tested and proven by her foster mom… You’re going to have to take my word for this, or meet her yourself.  🙂

Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at Casey@caseyheyen.com.  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!


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