Black and White

Nothing is cuter than a black dog and a white dog in black and white photographs.  🙂  And I’m just gonna put this one out there- I am obsessed with pictures of dogs cuddling.  So here are two of my favorites.  Jora is a very big cuddle bug, both with me and Leroy, but the minute I start to creep across the room with a camera, she jumps up to say HI to me.  So she’s been a challenge to get the “cute-sleepy-good-puppy” pictures of.  I will keep trying!

We lub when mom stays home from skool to write da tesis papers.

Just a day in the life of Leroy

This one is not truly a cuddling picture.  But don’t lie, it’s adorable 😉  Jora kept hitting Leroy in the face because she wanted him to play.  But he was already tucked under the covers and ready for bed.  He’s pretty lazy for a 2 year old pup.  At least he’s tolerant 🙂


Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!



3 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. They are adorable. Yes, I also love pictures of dogs cuddling together, but when I try to grab my camera, they move. Just like you, I keep trying to get those elusive photos:)

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