Foster Brother Leroy

I just wanted to share with the world my appreciation and love for my forever dog, Leroy.  He is very tolerant of our overly-playful house guest, Jora.  He has graciously accepted all of my previous fosters and loved them in their own individual ways.  He’s a great help in teaching the foster dogs the routine of our home.  And he enjoys brushing up on his basic commands to help the new fosters.  🙂

Leroy has a few great tricks up his sleeve  that he enjoys showing off.  Here’s another video of him teaching Jora the ropes.

Leroy is not a very dog-social dog; meaning he doesn’t do well at places like PetSmart, adoption events, crowded parks ect.  But I know his limits and I know how to best introduce him to our fosters.  So he might not be the well adjusted dog with therapy potential that I wanted when I started fostering, but I love him to pieces 🙂 I’m forever grateful that I was a foster failure and decided that I needed him as much as he needed me for the rest of his life.   ❤


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