Signature Move

I’ve decided that all dogs must have a signature move.  For Leroy, it’s a simple, Sit-On-Top-Of-You maneuver.  Generally this happens while I’m typing at my lap top or laying in bed ready to go to sleep.  Leroy knows just how to shove my arm up with his nose or paw at my face until I allow him access to a ‘little spoon’ position in bed.  He enjoys sitting smack in front of my computer while I type around him.  And he especially loves sleeping under the covers with me, on top of my body in some manner.

Jora on the other hand…  I think I’ve finally come to terms with her signature move.  It’s the Direct-Wet-Willie.  Now this doesn’t happen all the time, which is why I’m not 100% sure it qualifies as her “signature move”.  But let me tell you a little bit about it.  Jora loves to give kisses.  She’s an affectionate little Peanut.  Every time I bring her home to visit my parents, my dad and I (and Jora) have a conversation that goes like this-

Jora- *Runs up to my dad, wiggles her way on to his lap, kisses him like she’s meeting some doggy guru and being accepted into the promised land*

Dad- “Hey little girl! Did you miss me?  You just LOVE to give kisses don’t you?  You would just give kisses all day forever if you could.  Casey, don’t you give this girl any attention?  She just wants some love!”

Me- “Yea Dad, I give her lots of attention.. She is a happy baby girl.  I hope I find her a family that will spoil her with love forever.”

So somewhere among this showering of kisses, Jora slips in a Direct-Wet-Willie.  For those of you who may be confused by this.. it means that Jora will put her tongue right into your ear.  She will actually kiss and lick your inner ear.  She has a few other maneuvers that could pass as her signature move, but this one is special.

I want any and all potential adopters to know about this “issue”.  It’s not something that happens excessively.  But just enough to make you remember it.  You should always make an informed decision before you adopt a lifelong companion… and while many people may turn away in disgust, someone out there might say, “This it the dog for me, ear licking and all!”  ❤


2 thoughts on “Signature Move

    • My tuxedo cat, Seamus, does this too. It’s an unexpected, stealth, move.
      Your little Jora is so sweet. I’m sure these ‘getting to know her’ stories will help find the perfect family soon.

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