Mange, Mange, Go Away

Jora had a long, and not so fun visit to the vet which included a skin scraping to see if she still is dealing with mange.  We had better news than usual!  The vet said that he did see the demodex mange mites, but they did not appear to be moving.  So hopefully this means that the next two scrapes will be completely negative!  She does look great and has only a few areas of her fur that are thinned out.  She will still receive the ivermectin every night for the next three weeks until her follow up visit.  And she’ll be getting a few baths to try and help get the mites off.

In other news, Jora has not one, but two potential adopters.  We don’t know either will go through just yet, but I’m very happy to see this girl with some attention.  She’s so wonderful and I’d be very happy for her to be in a home by Christmas.  Let’s keep the good vibes coming!


2 thoughts on “Mange, Mange, Go Away

  1. our vet asked for outside advice and recommended we keep jack on ivermectin till he is a full year old because the mites showed no activity on one visit then some on the next…then none again. He is doing awesome tho and due for a checkup in a week or so…

  2. That’s great! (Jack is Jora’s brother). Usually they recommend continuing the ivermectin until there are two negative scrapes in a row. But they’re a year old in a little over a month I think! Little J babies are growing up 🙂

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