Nothing in Life is Free

Leroy and Jora are starting a “Nothing in Life is Free” training regimen. The easiest way to start this is my making your dogs work for their meals. This can be easily done with puzzle feeders, a 15 minute long training session, or carrying treats around all day and rewarding for positive behavior. I got myself a new sexy fanny pack for carrying treats and meals around.


I know it’s apparent why it’s so awesome, but I’ll explain anyway. This very cool and not at all nerdy fanny pack will let me measure out a full meal of food, plus keep some treats in a separate pouch. This way I know that the dogs are not getting more than their 3 cups a day. We don’t want them to get fat! 🙂 So of course you’re all jealous… I’m ok with that. 😉

Here is a clip of Leroy starting off the day with some breakfast out of a puzzle feeder- the Kong Wobbler! (Which I love because its a pretty solid toy)



7 thoughts on “Nothing in Life is Free

  1. Fanny pack? Once I get a chance I think I’ll get one. I usually put treats in my pocket and later on I forget about them so by the time I find them they are stale. Great idea.

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