The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Well friends, as I mentioned in my last post, Jora went to a new family to start her trial run with them.  They are first time dog owners and wanted to make sure it was a wonderful fit, so they are doing what’s called “Foster-to-Adopt”.  So as of today, Jora has been with them for five days and she is doing great!  Foster-to-Adopt basically means that they have Jora legally as a foster dog but with the intention to adopt her.  It helps everyone feel 100% comfortable with the decision and confident that they will be able to love and care for her forever.  Her potential family reported that her first night was a little rough; she was probably confused about where she was and looking for her cuddle buddy Leroy.  But they were working hard to tire her out so that night two went a little better.  They even made a vet appointment for her on Thursday to get her a check up on her Mange.  So if all continues to go well, Jora will be spending the holidays with her new forever family ❤

I love it here!

I love it here!

Here is a picture with Jora on the day I dropped her off.  As you can see she was enjoying some belly rubs and settling in nicely!  I think they will be a great family for her.  And now I will be hopeful and wait for the official “ADOPTED” announcement.  Love you Jora!


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