Not Meant to Be

Well we have some disappointing news for Jora- her potential adopters have decided that it’s not the right time for them to add a permanent family member into their home. While Jora settled in wonderfully, did great meeting lots of people over Christmas, and picked up on their daily routine; they wanted to be sure that having a dog was the right decision for them. The family is going to continue to foster her for the time being. They also said that if they were going to adopt, they would have definitely kept Jora because she is a great dog. While I do feel bad that Jora hasn’t found her perfect family yet, this is the benefit of working with an amazing rescue program that can allow for a trial run adoption. They are happy to have tried, and they made the decision which they feel is best for everyone. ♥  I’m very glad to know that it was nothing that she did wrong.  However, I do hope that Jora finds her forever family soon!  I go on vacation in a week so I will see how they are doing with her as a foster at that point.  Jora did receive another adoption inquiry recently so we are waiting to hear back from them.  But where it stands, she is an amazing dog that is still looking for her perfect family to love and adore her for the rest of her life.

Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!



One thought on “Not Meant to Be

  1. Aww. Sweet Jora… her extra special home is bound to find her. I’m glad her current fosters realize just how wonderful she is, and will be for her future family. A New Year is coming…

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