While most people won’t be very excited about this, I am certainly happy to be sharing this news with you all today!  Leroy can fetch!  Ok.  OK.  I know you’re all reading this and thinking… Her dog must not be very bright.  BUT!  Leroy is not a retriever.. Not a Lab or Golden.  It’s not very natural to him so we had to teach him it step-by-step.  First we taught “Get It” meaning chase, run, and pick up toy!  Then we learned “Bring It”.  That was actually the hardest part because Leroy thought it meant leave the toy across the yard and run to Mommy.  There was a lot of me fetching.  We still struggle with the Bring It sometimes.  Lastly we learned “Drop It”.  Leroy is good at this when he knows there is food around.  🙂  Here’s our video where we put it all together!  

PS- Leroy is getting fed his dinner while we’re practicing and doing all this hard work!  Nothing in life is free. 


Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at Casey@caseyheyen.com.  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!



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