Race to Rescue

The group that I volunteer for (the group that saved Leroy and Jora), is holding our second annual 5k Race to Rescue!  I will be running the 5k, volunteering, and probably sporting an LCPO foster dog at the event.  The goal of the event is to raise awareness of the abuse and neglect of pit bull type dogs and the effort we go through every day to save, rehabilitate, and rehome them.  We also use this event as one of our main fundraisers to help with vet bills and boarding costs for the dogs we have in the rescue program.  We generally have around 20 dogs available for adoption and most come with serious vet needs.  We’ve saved many dogs with mange (like Jora), dogs that are heartworm positive, dogs with broken bones, troubled pasts, neurological problems and more.

So this is your official invitation to join us for this great event!  It will be held on June 8th, 2013 at Kirby Park in Kingston, PA.  You have plenty of notice to clear your schedule and plan a drive to PA.  And I’m expecting everyone reading this within a two-three hour drive to be there! 🙂  Here is some more information about the event

And if you’d like to support this wonderful cause, you can help out by making a donation to my fundraising page or sharing it with your friends and family.  I really would love to see some of you there.  🙂

race to rescue; because every dog deserves love.


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