Let’s Play Dress Up!

Happy National Dress Your Pet Up Day!  Here are some of my favorite “dress up” pictures from my time as a foster mom and doggy mom.  Enjoy 🙂

Jora (of course)- Available for adoption


Leroy and Jora; brrr!


Big Joe- Adopted


Leroy- Merry Christmas Torture


Leroy- Lounging 🙂


Adele- Adopted

Dillon- Rest In Peace <3

Dillon- Rest In Peace ❤


This is a small fraction of the number of Dress Up pictures I have.  I’m not crazy or anything though. 😉  I hope you enjoyed them and maybe you even dressed your furbaby up today!

Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can be emailed to me at Casey@caseyheyen.com.  For more information on fostering or the organization I volunteer for please go to www.lcpoinc.org

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