We have some exciting news to announce!  LCPO was asked to help a dog that was tied up and living outside in the cold.  An outreach volunteer has been advocating for her and begging the facebook world to help her out in some way.  Here is a little segment from this volunteer.-

“Mama is in desperate need of a loving home to call her own. She has lived her entire young life outdoors being passed breeder to breeder. We met Mama back in August pregnant. At 5 weeks old her puppies were taken from her and she continued to live her life neglected outdoors. Her owners will not bring her indoors. Mama is deaf and is extremely vulnerable living outdoors on a busy corner. Now her owner is moving and will give her to ANYONE in a neighborhood where animal abuse and dog fighting is prevalent. She is a sweet, active girl who deserves a loving family of her own. Mama is a 3 year old, Female, Spayed, Deaf, American Pit Bull Terrier.”
So drum roll please…..

This sweet girl will be boarding with Leroy and Company!  We will continue to look for a long term foster and forever home but in the mean time, we will get her socialized, build her confidence, and work on some training.  Her new name is Tofu and she will be transported here very soon.  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for deaf dogs so I’m excited to know that her life of neglect will end and become a life of love and attention.  Here are two pictures of her from her yard in NY and with the wonderful outreach volunteer that helped to save her life.


In preparing for her arrival, Leroy and I decided to research some training methods for deaf dogs.  Luckily for us, Leroy already knows most of his regular commands by both a voice command and a hand signal.  We worked briefly on a few extras such as Good Boy (thumbs up), Finished/ Release/ OK (shaking out hands), and Here (bringing a finger towards yourself).  Good Boy is used as a form of clicker training and positive reinforcement to let your dog know when they’re doing something right.  A Release is always useful to let your dog know when they’re done with a Stay or Leave it, or finished with a training session all together.  And Here is very important for any dog to know, but it’s especially challenging for a deaf dog because you need to have their eye contact before they can listen.

So we put together a video of Leroy pretending to be deaf and me getting ready to train Tofu.  🙂  We did pretty good for first timers!    Now we just need to wait for our new guest to arrive and let her settle in a bit before we start working!

If you have any questions about Tofu, Jora or the adoption process, you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at  Visit for more information on our organization! 


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