Introducing- Tofu!

Tofu is a 3 year old pit bull that was saved from a life of neglect. LCPO worked with Almost Home Animal Rescue out of Long Island NY to save this sweetheart from less than desirable conditions. Tofu was living outside of a halfway home, regularly passed from breeder to breeder, and almost sold as a bait dog. She is now spayed and loving being indoors. Tofu is sweet and happy. She is thrilled to be surrounded by loving people who take care of her. Tofu is crate trained, house broken, and she will go to her adoptive home knowing sign language! Tofu is deaf so she will be learning all her commands with hand signals. She has already made herself right at home and proven to be no more difficult than any foster who can hear me ūüôā You can learn more about deaf dogs at¬† I will also be happy to do training sessions with her adoptive family to make sure that everyone knows and understand how to communicate with her. Please feel free to ask me any questions about fostering, deaf dogs, or Tofu!



Tofu and Leroy and participating in the “crate/rotate” method until they are both more comfortable with each other. ¬†This involves keeping the dogs¬†separate for any amount of time; a few days to three weeks or more! ¬†Through this process, I allow the dogs to feel comfortable in my home. ¬†I let them learn how to trust me and each other through minimal exposure. ¬†The foster dog become familiar with our routine and environment, and is able to de-stress from whatever¬†experience¬†they had before coming to me. ¬†Tofu seems to be a little bit uncomfortable when Leroy is too close to her crate. She has made the snarl teeth at him a few times for getting too close. ¬†But she does better when she is out and approaching him in his crate. ¬†Neither dog likes to share food, not even a little. ¬†This is a polite way of saying that they would probably fight over a crumb, or something that looks like a crumb, or a crumb that fell and was cleaned up a few minutes ago. ¬†As always, I will feed them¬†separately and even crate them for a little while after their food bowls are removed from the environment. ¬†Leroy was showing off in front of Tofu and trying to engage her a little bit, and she did wag her tail and playfully bark in her crate. ¬†I think they will be good friends with some patience and trust. ¬†More about Tofu to come as I get to know her wonderful personality. ¬†All I can say so far is that she’s had no accidents, and she is a happy girl who loves to kiss! ūüôā

For adoption information or more about our rescue program, you can visit¬†¬†ūüôā Please share for this wonderful girl and feel free to ask any questions about her or the adoption process!

2 thoughts on “Introducing- Tofu!

  1. Tofu is gorgeous. I hope she finds her forever home soon:) She reminds me of a beautiful Dogo Argentino my sister had years ago. His name was Max and he always had the ability to make me feel so safe.

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