Busy, busy!

Sometime life becomes very demanding and unexpected things happen and you experience technical difficulties and you forget about your blog! Ok well I didn’t forget.  But I slacked off 😉  If you missed us terribly, you can always check out our facebook page.  I update pictures there a little more regularly.  And now onto some blogging!

Tofu has been doing wonderful!  She is really settling into our life and routine.  She no longer barks in her crate. Thank goodness because that was unpleasant.    I was a little bit convinced that this whole “deaf” thing was just a joke.  My roommates were informing me that Tofu would let out a few short barks when they would come home.  Well GOSH.. Tofu was downstairs, in my bedroom, and in her crate.  She couldn’t possibly hear them coming home! So with some help from LCPO’s trainer, I decided that she was barking for two reasons- 1.  Tofu was watching Leroy become more alert when someone was coming in the house.  She was then barking because she didn’t know what was happening, but she wanted to be a part of the excitement!  2. Tofu was feeling the vibrations from upstairs.  She was still settling into her new environment and confused at what was going on.  So I had to start covering her crate with a bed sheet to remove her visual stimulation.  She didn’t like this at first, but now she is a very quiet and content girl while I’m at school.  Although I knew that Tofu was still settling into her new home, I was worried that my neighbors and roommates would not be as understanding.  Thankfully she has accepted the crate as part of the routine and we haven’t heard much barking in weeks.  


Tofu is also learning to run into the crate on her own when it’s time for food.  Leroy knows that when the lid of the dog food tupperware comes off, the things that benefit him most are running into his crate and waiting very patiently.  Nothing else will get him fed, but sitting in the crate will do the trick!  Tofu is starting to catch on to this game.  However, she still tries a few other things to see if they will get her fed.  First she tries watching me.  This is unsuccessful.  Then she tries running around the room and getting some of her excitement out.  This is also unsuccessful.  Sometimes she tries sitting, which is nice.  But it is ultimately unsuccessful.  Then it will CLICK, and she will run into the crate, practically knocking it over on the way in.  And only then, does she get her dinner 🙂


If you have any questions about Tofu, Jora, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at Casey@caseyheyen.com


Sponsor me here: All donations are tax deducible and benefit the rescue dogs of LCPO


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