Indestructible Toys

As a Pit Bull mommy, I’ve been on a search to find the perfect indestructible toys.  You may be able to guess that this has provided quite the challenge!  Here is the rundown of toys we’ve tried.

1.  The Unbreakoball.  I would have liked to show an action shot of my pack playing with this- but they don’t.  It is still in wonderful shape, most likely collecting dust under my bed.  Leroy will give it about one second of attention.  Then he’ll realize he can’t pick it up, it’s not squishy or exciting enough, and he’ll go get something else.  I’ll give this toy an 7/10.  Indestructible- potentially.  But mine haven’t given it much of a chance.

2.  Jolly Ball- “Teaser Ball“.  Leroy likes this toy for short periods of time.  It will not hold his attention for longer than 5 minutes.  But I do feel that it’s pretty indestructible.  He can’t get a good grip on the edge of the ball, and the shape of it makes it hard for him to cause any damage.  We’ll say, 8/10.  Not a bad purchase!

Jora liked the Teaser Ball too. :)

Jora liked the Teaser Ball too. 🙂

3. Jolly Ball- “Tug-n-Toss“.  Leroy had the pleasure of playing with this toy while he stayed with Leigh at Opportunity Barks during my vacation.  He doesn’t even have one yet!  But his birthday is coming- SHH, don’t tell him 🙂  However, this toy was pretty great, puncture proof, easy to carry, chase, and fetch.  I’m looking forward to buying it and only slightly worried for my house!  I think this one deserves a 9/10, but as I said, I haven’t purchased it yet.

Sweet Spot Farm!

Sweet Spot Farm! 

4. Good ol’ plastic bottles.  (No link required)  Leroy loves chomping on any type of plastic.  My preferences are the more heavy duty kind, think Tropicana orange juice bottles.  We do a 2x recycle and there was no extra cost involved.  I drink whatever may be inside, Leroy flattens the bottle, we recycle it.  Not indestructible by any means, but cheap and worth tossing to your pooch! (that is unless they eat things whole).  I give it a 6/10 because recycling is easy and cheap 🙂

Picnik collage

5. Nylabones. Solid plastic?  We’ll take it!  Jora had a nylabone in her mouth, basically at all times.  Leroy enjoys them in phases.  Tofu isn’t so into them.  But they last!  They are not soft or squeaky or exciting, but I trust leaving them in the crates when I’m not home.  And they’re good for a nice munch on every now and then.  I give a 8/10 for these, but it has to be the “Powerful chewer” style.



(These two pictures are especially terrible- I apologize)

6. Tuffy Toys.  First of all, it has to be the Tuffy Toy level 10.  And I am sad to report that our long lasting Tuffy Toy was recently demolished.  Tofu did most of the damage, and Leroy finished it off.  However, I am still going to give it a 9/10.  It lasted a long time.  And got the most play because it was soft and easy to pick up.  I will be buying more of these in the future.  Well done Tuffy!  Also, I don’t think Leroy would have killed it without Tofu’s help 🙂







If you have any great toy suggestions, please comment and let us know!

If you have any questions about Tofu, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at


9 thoughts on “Indestructible Toys

  1. I’ve had good results with kongs. To make them interesting enough, though, I usually have to fill them with something and freeze them. Good for chomping, safe to be left alone with.

  2. Our girl isn’t much of a chewer, but she LOVES deer antlers. We were giving her raw hides which would keep her occupied for awhile but they’d get kind of messy and I was always afraid she’d swallow a big chunk accidentally. Plus they were pretty expensive. Then my boyfriend found deer antlers and we love them. They last several months and come in all shapes and sizes, plus you can get them at Petsmart/Petco. I highly recommend!

  3. I have a 6 year old pit-mix (Duke) who has destroyed many “indestructible” toys but oddly enough only a few have withstood the test of time (and bite). One of those is the Chuck-It brand glow in the dark ball. I originally bought it because he doesn’t like sharing his ball so my only solution to fetch was at the field at night. I leave the ball near a lamp for 15-20 min then out we go. It has a two holes in it which help the ball flatten out when chews on it and he will usually continue to chomp away at it for 20-30 min after we got home. Other than losing them in bushes or water, he is yet to puncture or rip one after months of daily use.

    Another one, which was discovered because there’s a local team who plays at the above mentioned field are lacrosse balls. He usually collects the ones that weren’t picked up after practice and I will return them every week. They are pretty hard and heavy so inside play can wreak havoc but those are beyond strong and will wear him down right into nap time.

  4. My dogs trashed Teaser Ball as well as Tug N Toss; I won’t even bother with Nylabones. I stuff and freeze Extreme Kongs but they’re taken away after the dogs clean them out. I’ve been happy with JW Pets toys…bowling pin, DNA, chains, etc. Someday I’d like to get then a Goughnut….

    As far as antlers there are three degrees of hardness-deer, elk, moose-with deer being the ‘softest’.

  5. I have terrible issues with Dottie, she’s a chewing machine! She chews kongs down to nubs, will destroy a rope toy in a matter of days, forget about a stuffed animal because it’s gone in seconds. We are considering getting some antlers but I worry about her teeth breaking because they are already worn down from all her chewing.

  6. The only toy we’ve every had total success with is the black kong ball. We used to just use it for fetch, but our pitty really enjoys just chewing on it and while it’s extremely tough, it still allows him to get that chewing satisfaction. The ball just kind of gets “pitted”, but he’s been unable to actually get a chunk out of it – which is when the toy no longer stands a chance! He will chew on the ball for hours if I let him 😉

  7. Kongs! Yes- the original and the balls. We love stuffed frozen Kongs with tons of goodies. But they’re only exciting when food is involved 🙂

    Antlers- We have mixed reviews. Leroy and Tofu both have one sitting in their crate and they have mostly ignored it. Jora destroyed one or two while she was here. I was very surprised that Leroy didn’t go wild over it though.

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  9. We have a zogoflex toy. It is a bone shape rubber. We have an aussie and a border collie and they play with it together. both of them plow through nylabones but that so far has lasted since christmas and has no chunks missing!

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