Impressive Trickster!

I wrote Leroy a resume a few months ago and I decided that since we won’t be fostering for some time, I want to add some awesome things to it.  And I need your help!  Here is a list of Leroy’s tricks that have been changed slightly since his first draft resume.

Sit, Down, Stay, Drop it, Leave it, Nice to Meet You (paw), Watch Me, Say Hi, Here, Bang, Go To Your Room, Give Me a Hug, and Kiss.  His newer or less practice commands are Stand, Spin. Crawl, All the Way Down, Roll Over, and High Ten.

The newest things we’ve been working on are Back Up, and Close The Door.  And I am excited!  So first, here are two progress videos of Leroy working.


Now!  The part I need help with 🙂  I would like a list of wonderful comment suggestions of what we should work on for the whole summer!  Cute tricks, hard sequence activities, funny things- whatever you’ve got!  Bring it on 😉


If you have any questions about Tofu, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at

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3 thoughts on “Impressive Trickster!

  1. Back up! It’s great because it comes in very handy, but is also adorable. Then we do back up, to crawl, to back up, to crawl… You get the idea, but it makes for a pretty cute show! 😉 also, we taught Tonka how to open the fridge and get me a juice box! haha

  2. Yes! I need to see a video of Tonka fetching a juice box! We are working on back up. Leroy knows what it means but I want to work on having him back up further without me stepping towards him. But I would love to work on having Leroy fetch me things! He’s not a dog that will naturally hold things though, so I think it will be a challenge. I was super excited when I taught him how to fetch a toy.. And he’s not even great at that 😉

  3. One you could add is “Bow” say bow when he stretches his front legs. I’m working on that one with my Ridgeback, he still doesn’t have it yet but he will soon.

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