Birthday Boy!



My boy, my only child, is turning three years old!  Oh how the time flies!  Leroy came to me when he was approximately one and a half. I dubbed April 14th his birthday, and we’ve just been going with it since then 🙂


While adolescence has brought on some challenges, I am thankful every day that Leroy is part of my life.  I think that “dog people” get this.  He is special.  Leroy is my first dog.  He’s the first life I’ve been responsible for.  He’s the first thing I’ve cared for and loved as my own.  He makes me smile and he makes me work harder than I knew I could.  He makes me a better person, and dog owner.  He makes me laugh and appreciate the little things.  He is mine. ❤


So here’s to 3 and many more, Pudding Face.  I love you to pieces.  I hope you enjoy your Birthday weekend.. because yes, your mom spoiled you just a little too much this year.  😀


Do you celebrate your dogs birthdays?  What do you get them?  Or do you celebrate their gotcha day?  Are they this spoiled? 🙂  Let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

  1. We’ll never know when Charlie and Wolf were born — we got them from the shelter (Wolf was already an old man). And I guess we never really celebrated, and I think now that I’ve read this post, I know why. It’s because neither of them would ever stand by their birthday cake patiently enough while we took a picture! Honestly, that’s amazing. I love Leroy — congratulations, and thank you for making the world a special place for him. He is really one of the lucky ones.

  2. Happy Birthday, Leroy! We definitely celebrate our pitty’s birthday – in fact, his was just back on the 6th of April. We are guilty of spoiling him too…but we also spoil him all year long 😉 He is our baby after all 🙂

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