Breaking All the Rules!

Leroy and Company will be welcome an extra special guest into our home this summer!  Grandma and Grandpa gave the seal of approval, the hold is placed; we are going to foster a puppy!  OK, OK.. some of you might be confused.  I don’t like puppies.  This is basically true.  I am not a puppy foster.  The main reason for the anti-puppy-ness was because I was a full time student.  Many people who get/ buy/ adopt puppies, do so without the full comprehension of just how often they need to relieve their bladder.  Those tiny things need to go!  But now, I’m done with school and working part time.  I am in the perfect position to foster a tiny dog.  So when LCPO was asked to take a litter of 9 puppies from a shelter in Tennessee, I begged with my parents and stepped up to help one of them!  The puppies will be 10 weeks old and arriving on July 5th.  So the baby pups and their mom will all be saved and up for adoption.  Ten happy endings in the making 🙂

A better future awaits you!

Coming Soon!

And the most exciting part, Leroy gets to be a foster brother again!  As much as we loved having Tofu, she was a bit stressful for my insecure Leroy.  I’m happy that we will have a puppy for him to bond with. 🙂  So here she is, Leroy and Company’s new foster:

iz a tiny babey

iz a tiny dawg

d’awwwwww ❤  And of course, I will have 454754 pictures of her to update once she arrives.  Now here’s where you come in!  Name suggestions are needed 🙂


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