Date Night

I spent my last month in Philly exploring some great restaurants and fully enjoying the night life with my friends.  But there’s nothing like a night in with your man 😉  If you read my post a few days ago, you know that Leroy and I were having a stressful time transitioning to living at my parents house again.  There are new, overwhelming things that we run into here that we didn’t deal with in Philly.  Overall, it’s a more peaceful atmosphere.  But there is still some adjusting required.

So I checked Leroy’s schedule and we set a date night!  Just some one on one bonding time for my pooch 🙂 We watched a movie and cuddled, the perfect night in!




Sometimes I wish for the days when I can have a house of my own, complete with a handful of happy coexisting pit bulls.  I think it’s amazing that so many of my friends have three, four, five, or more rescued dogs!  But for me and Leroy, we’re a team.  And the two of us, plus the occasional foster, is just enough.  Sure, someday the perfect dog might come along.  And I know we would be able to expand our duo.  But for right now, it’s me and my man 🙂


download (1)


How many dogs are in your pack?  Or are you a solo dog owner like me? What shaped those decisions? I’d love to know!


4 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. I’ve got the one dog and two cats. Before Eddie I had a solo German Shepherd girl. She had a core of friend-dogs but she preferred being an only. I think about getting a second but financially it’s smarter to keep it to one and in terms of giving him the attention he deserves it is, too.

  2. Doggie date nights are great! I sometimes look forward to the husband visiting his family in Canada so the dogs can fill his spot in our bed for sleepovers 😉

    We have five dogs now and I honestly don’t know how we got to this point! First we thought one should have a companion, then a littler of puppies was dropped off at my favorite shelter conveniently around the same time I added ‘pit puppy’ to my bucket list. Mr B I felt a connection with as soon as I saw his listing and then Teddy? Who knows lol Five is definitely our limit, or at least that’s what my husband says 😉

  3. i have 4 dogs of my own and a foster dog. i have 2 border collie mixes that i did agility with and then i adopted a gorgeous pitbull puppy. he’s almost 4 now and has been doing agility with his brother. then sam came along and was a foster failure. he was so broken i know no one would have helped him. it took 2 years to get him calm enough to sit on a couch without panicking! he’s much better now but he has ptsd so from time to time he has panic attacks. and our foster has been with us for over a year! our last foster was with us for 14 months. i guess we end up being long term foster parents!

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