Happy Tails Update!

Every time I see a picture of Jora *now to be referred to as Bella* in her forever home, my heart grows 10x it’s original size. ¬†So I wanted to share some of them with you ūüôā ¬†Not only did Bella get exactly the forever home that I wanted for her, but her mom came out to volunteer at LCPO’s 5k! ¬†I’m hoping to see both of them soon at another event and catch up more. ¬†So here she is: happy, gorgeous, loving Bella.





Not Meant to Be

Well we have some¬†disappointing¬†news for Jora- her¬†potential adopters have decided that it’s not the right time for them to add a permanent family member into their home. While Jora settled in wonderfully, did great meeting lots of people over Christmas, and picked up on their daily routine; they wanted to be sure that having a dog was the right decision for them. The family is going to continue to foster her for the time being. They also said that if they were going to adopt, they would have definitely kept Jora because she is a great dog. While I do feel bad that Jora hasn’t found her perfect family yet, this is the benefit of working with an amazing rescue program that can allow for a trial run adoption. They are happy to have tried, and they made the decision which they feel is best for everyone. ‚ô• ¬†I’m very glad to know that it was nothing that she did wrong. ¬†However, I do hope that Jora finds her forever family soon! ¬†I go on vacation in a week so I will see how they are doing with her as a foster at that point. ¬†Jora did receive another adoption inquiry recently so we are waiting to hear back from them. ¬†But where it stands, she is an amazing dog that is still looking for her perfect family to love and adore her for the rest of her life.

Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at Casey@caseyheyen.com.  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!


The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Well friends, as I mentioned in my last post, Jora went to a new family to start her trial run with them. ¬†They are first time dog owners and wanted to make sure it was a wonderful fit, so they are doing what’s called “Foster-to-Adopt”. ¬†So as of today, Jora has been with them for five days and she is doing great! ¬†Foster-to-Adopt basically means that they have Jora legally as a foster dog but with the intention to adopt her. ¬†It helps everyone feel 100% comfortable with the decision and confident that they will be able to love and care for her forever. ¬†Her potential family reported that her first night was a little rough; she was probably confused about where she was and looking for her cuddle buddy Leroy. ¬†But they were working hard to tire her out so that night two went a little better. ¬†They even made a vet¬†appointment¬†for her on Thursday to get her a check up on her Mange. ¬†So if all continues to go well, Jora will be spending the holidays with her new forever family ‚̧

I love it here!

I love it here!

Here is a picture with Jora on the day I dropped her off. ¬†As you can see she was enjoying some belly rubs and settling in nicely! ¬†I think they will be a great family for her. ¬†And now I will be hopeful and wait for the official “ADOPTED” announcement. ¬†Love you Jora!

Fingers Crossed!

We had a busy Thanksgiving weekend that included a special meet and greet for Jora! Baby J enjoyed some time with the potential adopters, met their Guinea pig and happily smelled their entire home and backyard. The family is going to talk it over before rushing into such an important decision. There is a lot to consider before adopting a lifelong companion!

In other news, Jora has a vet appointment to recheck her mange. She is looking great and has been on supplements, vitamins, medication, prescription baths, and high quality food for months now.


Please keep your fingers crossed for her first negative mange skin scrape and that she made a great impression during her meet and greet!


Signature Move

I’ve decided that all dogs must have a signature move. ¬†For Leroy, it’s a simple, Sit-On-Top-Of-You¬†maneuver. ¬†Generally this happens while I’m typing at my lap top or laying in bed ready to go to sleep. ¬†Leroy knows just how to shove my arm up with his nose or paw at my face until I allow him access to a ‘little spoon’ position in bed. ¬†He enjoys sitting smack in front of my computer while I type around him. ¬†And he especially loves sleeping under the covers with me, on top of my body in some manner.

Jora on the other hand… ¬†I think I’ve finally come to terms with her signature move. ¬†It’s the Direct-Wet-Willie. ¬†Now this doesn’t happen all the time, which is why I’m not 100% sure it qualifies as her “signature move”. ¬†But let me tell you a little bit about it. ¬†Jora loves to give kisses. ¬†She’s an affectionate little Peanut. ¬†Every time I bring her home to visit my parents, my dad and I (and Jora) have a conversation that goes like this-

Jora- *Runs up to my dad, wiggles her way on to his lap, kisses him like she’s meeting some doggy guru and being accepted into the promised land*

Dad- “Hey little girl! Did you miss me? ¬†You just LOVE to give kisses don’t you? ¬†You would just give kisses all day forever if you could. ¬†Casey, don’t you give this girl any attention? ¬†She just wants some love!”

Me- “Yea Dad, I give her lots of attention.. She is a happy baby girl. ¬†I hope I find her a family that will spoil her with love forever.”

So somewhere among this showering of kisses, Jora slips in a Direct-Wet-Willie.  For those of you who may be confused by this.. it means that Jora will put her tongue right into your ear.  She will actually kiss and lick your inner ear.  She has a few other maneuvers that could pass as her signature move, but this one is special.

I want any and all potential adopters to know about this “issue”. ¬†It’s not something that happens excessively. ¬†But just enough to make you remember it. ¬†You should always make an informed decision before you adopt a lifelong companion… and while many people may turn away in disgust, someone out there might say, “This it the dog for me, ear licking and all!” ¬†‚̧


The ratings are in! ¬†(and by ratings I mean my own non-biased, factual ratings) And Jora has been given the ultimate score- 10/10! She’s a complete babe ūüėČ ¬† She is ready for that lifelong commitment of. loving you unconditionally, making you laugh, and bringing joy to your life on a daily basis.

So here it is, laid out for everyone to see- the top ten reasons to adopt Jora ūüôā

1. She comes “Home Ready”!

Unlike dogs that come straight out of a shelter, Jora has adjusted wonderfully and passed all her family-living tests. ¬†She is house broken, wonderful in her crate (except that one time), great at snuggling in bed, doesn’t have¬†separation¬†anxiety, hasn’t eaten my couch ect. ¬†She’s ready!

2. She is adaptable.

Jora can handle the times when I have a 9 hour workday and come home to write a paper- she gets less attention than she deserves and adapts like a queen.  Because as much as we aspire to walk our dogs for 2 hours a day, sometimes we get busy.  She can also adapt (and enjoy!) a day where we go to PetSmart and meet a million new friends, take a long walk at the park, wrestle with Leroy for hours (she does this every day), and have some time for training.  She can handle any type of lifestyle!

3. She is beautiful!

Seriously. ¬†OK, looks aren’t everything. ¬†But she is jet black with warm brown eyes and hiding a little patch of white fur on her chest. ¬†She’s a cutie-pa-tootie!

4. FRIENDLY… to all ūüôā

Jora is good with other dogs (big and small), good with cats, and she has never met a person she hasn’t absolutely loved. ¬†She welcomes everyone into her life with a smile, tail wag, and full wiggle-butt excitement. ¬†She wants to be best friend with our resident kitty, Major (although he’s not so keen on her). ¬†And although she can be too headstrong when meeting dogs head to head, after a quick walk she will be great with them.

5.   Less-adoptable adoptions make your heart feel warm and fuzzy

While Jora is a catch by most peoples’ standards, her black fur does qualify her in the “less-adoptable” category of dogs. ¬†She is also seen as a “pit bull mix” and that’s a whole¬†separate group of the “less-adoptable”. ¬†¬†So although she’s a friendly Lab mix with lots of great qualities to offer, she is found in two categories that cause people to overlook her.

6. She only has ONE item on her Christmas list

No… not a forever family. ¬†(That is my wish for her) ¬†Jora wants a Nylabone. ¬†She is such a wonderful and happy girl. ¬†If she had just one Nylabone (and at least one loving human), she would be happy for every single second of her life. ¬†Jora in fact has many Nylabones in her foster home with me… But the point is, she’s a low¬†maintenance and very appreciative girl. ¬† ūüôā

7. She is affectionate!

Jora will kiss your face, mouth, leg, ankle, arm, ear, tongue, mouth ect. ¬†She loves¬†crawling¬†closer and closer to persons face and then excitedly kissing them until they force her to stop! ¬†In fact, she was the star of the Hug-a-Bull booth at LCPO’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day. ¬†She was beyond generous with her love. ¬†Some might have even said she was a little loose! ¬†I mean, the people only had to donate a dollar. ¬†But she went all out!

After hours of hugs and kisses at the “hug-a-bull” booth, Jora was exhausted!

8. Jora knows when to speak up

Although Jora loves everything that moves, she will also give out a few warning barks when someone comes home late at night. ¬†She knows to alert when she hears the door. ¬†While we want our adoptive homes to consider Jora a lifelong family companion, it’s also nice to know that she can help scare off an intruder if the moment were to¬†arise.

9. You will be saving a life!

Adoption saves a few lives in fact. ¬†It’s as simple and wonderful as that. ¬†Foster dogs are especially great because we were able to save Jora’s life, the dog that got her kennel spot was also saved, and we will save another one when she’s adopted!

10. ¬†She’s the best dog up for adoption in the whole world!

This has been¬†thoroughly tested and proven¬†by her foster mom… You’re going to have to take my word for this, or meet her yourself. ¬†ūüôā

Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at Casey@caseyheyen.com.  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!


Bad Puppy

In general, Jora is past the prime of her puppyhood. And I am very grateful for this! I’ve said before that I am a ‘no puppies allowed’ foster. The first reason I have this policy is simply because I don’t have the time for a puppy. I am a full time MFA student, and I work part time as a dog trainer at petsmart. Therefore, I cringe at the thought of a puppy bladder that can’t be held for my full eight hour days away from home. I also train puppies, and sure they’re ‘cute’, but I like them for sort time periods where they aren’t chewing apart my things. I just am not a person that wanted that in my life! My policy is in effect because truly, I don’t have the time commitment needed for a puppy. So while many people might think I’m a big meanie, I say, “bring on the adult dogs!”

But I digress. When Jora arrived at my house, she was a complete puppy! My worst nightmare. So although she was the cutest little peanut ever, I was just waiting her out until she ate my shoes (check), drove Leroy nuts (every day), had accidents (duh), ate her own poop (this seems to be a personal problem that my fosters have), damaged a few personal items (why not) and won me over with her puppy dog eyes and loving personality (absolutely). So since I was not mentally prepared for this commitment, we had a rough few months. I would bring her to events and dream of yelling, “free puppy!”, until a nice family took her away. I also kept thinking of the only benefit in fostering a puppy- quick adoptions! (We of course are still waiting). So despite our rocky start, Baby J has grown on me as she has grown into a wonderful adolescent dog.

However! Sometimes we all like to get into trouble. ūüôā


Ripped up her dog bed (check)!

Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at Casey@caseyheyen.com.  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!


Jora’s Story

Resilient-  Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Jora was found running around Luzerne County as a stray.  She was only 4 months old.  She was covered in Demodex Mange.  Demodex mange is caused by mites which we cannot see.  All dogs and even humans have these mites.  However, they can cause the Demodex disease when an abnormal immune system allows their numbers to get out of control. This occurs primarily in puppies and in adult dogs with lowered immunity.  Poor living conditions, stress, and lack of treatment can make this problem much worse.  This is what Jora looked like when she entered the rescue program-


Mange causes itching, irritation, loss of fur, secondary skin infections, swelling, a particular “mange” smell, and a general “un-cuteness”. ¬†Jora was just a little baby lab mix, but no one wanted her because of the way she looked. ¬†Jora’s¬†original foster home had to move suddenly and was not able to continue fostering. ¬†SO at that time, I offered to take in this little peanut. ¬†Jora has been with me since she was about 6 months old. ¬†She looks much better now, but she is still battling mange.

Now Jora is 11 months old. ¬†And while all rescue dogs have a sad story, I feel especially sad that she’s never had a “real” family at any point in her life. ¬†I also am wondering why she keeps being overlooked and has been up for adoption for her whole puppy hood.

Despite all of the moving and¬†instability¬†and trips to the vet and medication and itching; Jora is¬†resilient. ¬†She might not have kicked her mange yet, but she is a joy to be around every single day. ¬†She is happy when she wakes up. ¬†She’s never stressed or upset. ¬†She loves exploring new places, she adores new people. ¬†And she’s a sweet, confident girl.

If you have any suggestions on getting the word out about Jora, I would love to hear them! ¬† ¬†I am truly puzzled at how she’s still with me. ¬†More information about mange can be found here- Demodex Mange. ¬†Information about out Jora’s rescue group and how to donate to her vet care can be found here- LCPO

Any questions about Jora or the adoption process can emailed to me (Casey, aka Leroy’s mom!) at Casey@caseyheyen.com.  Please share her story with anyone looking for the perfect family companion!


Looking for Love

Before I start rambling about Leroy and company, I need to introduce our current house guest. ¬†Let me preface this by saying that as a foster, I have a “no puppies allowed” policy. ¬†Our foster pup Jora wiggled in anyway. ¬†Despite her unwelcome “puppiness”, she has truly stolen my heart and become a wonderful dog. ¬†More stories, antics, troubles, loving qualities, and funny moments to come… but here are the basics!

Jora is an 10-11 month old lab/ pit mix. She is resilient, loving, playful and a joy to be around. Jora loves to cuddle and give kisses! She is very affectionate and will gladly lay on your lap, follow you around the house, or cuddle next to you in bed. Jora is a typical, high energy puppy. She adores Leroy and will play tug of war and wrestle with him for hours upon hours! (usually until he collapses and quits). Her ideal forever home would have another young dog who would like to play. When Jora is meeting other dogs for the first time she can be a little overly vocal and headstrong. But after a nice walk, she will be their new best friend! Jora is crate trained and potty trained. She knows sit and we are working on down and stay. She loves to chew on toys and will carry them around the house all day. She is a very curious puppy who loves to explore new things, play all the time, and enjoy life Her forever family will be very lucky because she is truly a special little girl. ♥

Please feel free to ask me any questions about Jora if you are interested in adopting her!

Email nepabullies@gmail.com for adoption info. Visit www.lcpoinc.org to make a donation or for more information about our organization and upcoming events. Adoption application, references, home visit, and adoption fee are required to adopt.