Tofu- Adopt Me

Tofu is a 3 year old Pit Bull who is looking for her forever home!  She was used as a breeding dog and kept outside for most of her life.  We will be getting to know her and helping her with training and socialization while we look for the perfect forever home.  Tofu is deaf but she will be learning all her basic commands while in foster care.  To learn more information about deaf dogs visit Deaf Dogs Rock.


My favorite shot of the bunch :)

“From the foster”- Tofu is an all around, amazing girl! She is the perfect energy level- spunky enough to enjoy a nice walk, play session or hike; but not too energetic that she needs to run or do something active every day. She is doing really wonderful with her foster brother Leroy. I think she would do great living with any dog, but she would need a slow introduction to help her feel comfortable. Due to her past as a breeder dog, Tofu might be more at ease around female dogs. She is happy to be around Leroy, but is took her a little while to trust him. She would just need a patient adopter who would let her adjust at her own pace. Tofu LOVES meeting new people. Her whole body wiggles and she can’t stand still. Despite all her happy wiggling, she has very good manners and rarely jumps up on anyone. Tofu has been an absolute gem at my house. She likes getting as close as possible to her humans when she cuddles- sometimes trying to sit on top of them, sometimes trying to give their face a bath with kisses. 🙂 She is a very happy and special girl. Her forever family will be very lucky ♥

For more information on adopting Tofu please email Adoption application, reference check, home visit and adoption fee required.


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