Wordless Wednesdays- Anything You Can Do

Anything you can do, I can do cuter ‚̧


Playing with toys


Hitting the snooze button



Enjoying the little things



Posing for pictures



Being couch potatoes




Puppy Time!

The puppy is here! ¬†After a long journey from Tennessee, two baths to remove the filth, a long collar-buying excursion, an even longer naming-the-puppy adventure; I’m finally here with pictures ūüôā


Get ready for cuteness overload.

First of all, we named her Marshmallow, or Mel for short. ¬†Something about her white squishy face just called out, “Marshmallow!” ūüôā When she is a lady, perhaps she’ll go by Mel. ¬†To be professional, of course. ¬†But for now, Marshmallow is settling in and doing wonderfully. ¬†She already got to meet the whole human family, Blueberry, Leroy, and Major the cat. ¬†Positive socialization is starting off ¬†strong!


Marshmallow is 10 weeks old.  She is spayed and will be up to date on her shots.  We will be working on crate training, socialization, house training, and basic obedience.  Mel is curious about the world around her.  She is slightly cautious, but ready to play and explore.  She is loving all the human attention, and desperately trying to woo the adult dogs in the house into some wrestling and play time.  She will need a committed, life long, adopter who is willing to  make her the best dog that she can be.  And I will need an adopter who will fall head over heals in love with her- not just as a puppy, but as she goes through the challenging teen years, the frustrating adolescence, the slowing in adulthood, and the tender years of old age.


oh hai. iz a marshmalloz.

More exciting puppy-ness to come as she settles in!

If you have questions about Marshmallow or the adoption process, email me (Casey) at LeroyandCompany@gmail.com!         

Birthday Boy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEROY!!! My boy, my only child, is turning three years old! ¬†Oh how the time flies! ¬†Leroy came to me when he was¬†approximately one and a half. I dubbed April 14th his birthday, and we’ve just been going … Continue reading

Just For Fun





At LCPO, we rescue a variety of “Pit Bull” type dogs. ¬†Dogs that would be classified as a “Pit Bull” in the shelter system can range anywhere from 30-100 pounds! ¬†I thought we’d play a little game, just for fun. ¬†How much do Leroy and Tofu weigh?! ¬†Please make your guesses in the comment section and use decimals so we can tell who is the closest. ¬†Ex- 66.2 ¬†I will include a few pictures so you can get a good look. ¬†ūüôā


Short or tall?

Big or little?!

Big or little?!

Who is bigger?!

Who is bigger?!

Lap sized?

Lap sized?

A tiny little ball?

A tiny little ball?

As wide as a door? ;)

As wide as a door? ūüėČ

Good luck on your guesses. ¬†The winner will receive… well, my LOVE! ¬†Yes. ¬†And I will announce their name. ¬†That sounds great, doesn’t it?! ¬†Ready. ¬†Set. ¬†GUESS!



If you have any questions about Tofu, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at Casey@caseyheyen.com

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People Pleaser with Excellent Manners!

Tofu has an amazing quality that I would like to share with everyone! ¬†She is a people-pleaser ūüôā ¬†She seems to adore every person that she meets at an excited and genuine level of “omg uu iz mai bef friend evaaa!” ¬†This is dog-speak for, “Are you my forever family?? I LOVE you.” ¬†My family of course gets to meet all of these dogs and they form opinions on them. ¬†Our brother Robert came by recently to say ¬†“Hi” to the pups. ¬†While Leroy was a bit overrun with excitement, Tofu did a much better job of keeping her ‘four on the floor’. ¬†He said, “She seems pretty cool”. ¬†Which is a very good compliment coming from brother Robert ūüėČ


Tofu and her new friend, Steven

My brother Steven was hanging out with Tofu tonight and he said, “I would adopt a dog like her”. ¬†Now that is a compliment! ūüôā ¬†We then talked about her inherent manners and what a good, sweet, girl she is. ¬†In taking a chained, throw-away, breeder dog, I was expecting a lot more work when it came to household manners and daily activities. ¬†She has picked everything up super quickly! ¬†(She does fall up the steps sometimes from sheer excitement though lol)


Tofu has some¬†serious¬†jump¬†in her step, especially when she seems some type interesting prey. ¬†She can probably scale a 5 foot fence and might really excellent at agility training. ¬†So she may let out one big Tigger jump when she’s super excited. ¬†But she almost never puts her paws on anyone, and she will quickly regroup to her happy dancing and wiggling on the floor. ¬†My mom was also very impressed at her good greeting manners. ¬†She is¬†very¬†happy to meet anyone who will pay attention to her, but she shows her love and excitement through tail whippings, butt wigglings, and smiles. ūüôā


Tofu was also happy to practice her Sits for some yummy biscuits! She did very well ‘listening’ to hand signals from a new friend. ¬†All in all, I’ve been very impressed with her home-ready manners and¬†enthusiasm for strangers. ¬†Now all she needs is the home! ‚̧

"Sit" hand signal

“Sit” hand signal


If you have any questions about Tofu, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at Casey@caseyheyen.com

Happy Tears and New Beginnings

Jora ¬†was a very special foster dog. ¬†The last time I saw her I was sad weepy nostalgic pathetic emotional a complete wreck. ¬†I had to admit to myself, I adore this dog. ¬†She wiggled into my home despite my “no puppies allowed” rule. ¬†And truly, she grew up with me. ¬†Jora had more meet and greets than any other dog, yet none ever panned out into the right fit for her. She was looked over since she was a scrappy pup of¬†only four months old. ¬†After a¬†handful¬†of meet and greets, a two hour adoption, and a trial adoptive home that decided not to keep her; I was stunned time and time again that these people did not see what I saw. ¬†I was heartbroken that she didn’t have ‘her people’- the ones that would love her as much as I do, but more. ¬†I knew she would find them, but I was becoming impatient, confused, torn, and sad for her. ¬†I wanted to yell to the world, “This dog is amazing and you’re missing out! ¬†It’s your LOSS!” ¬†But I kept it in and tried to be patient. ¬†The hardest part, was loving her so much. ¬†I wanted her to feel the difference between foster love, and¬†forever love. ¬†I wanted someone to look into her eyes and say,¬†“You will be with me for the rest of your days. ¬†Your troubles are now my troubles. ¬†I will be here for you, and never leave you. ¬†I promise- I will never leave you. ¬†You are not ‘homeless’ anymore. ¬†You are mine. ¬†And I am yours.”¬† ¬†And sometimes, I wanted to be the one to say that to her.

This is the lifelong struggle of a foster mom.  I battle with this every time I allow a dog to feel love, often times their first love, but I call it temporary.  Sometimes it hurts more than others.  And with Jora, I just felt that she was so deserving and ready.  I wanted her to be home.

My dad was quite smitten by her as well. ¬†To¬†paraphrase¬†very accurately quote him, “Jora, we’re not allowing any more living things in this house. ¬†None! ¬†But if we were, I would let you stay.” ¬†Leroy and Jora had an amazing bond as well. ¬†She followed him around, played, snuggled, learned, and loved. ¬†And for as amazingly¬†tolerant¬†as Leroy was with all of her puppy antics and¬†instance¬†on playing for 10 hours every day, he really loved her right back.

We lub when mom stays home from skool to write da tesis papers.


But as it always happens with patience and a deserving dog, we got an email for Jora. ¬†And this one was the one. ‚̧ ¬†Yes, I am happy to announce that Jora has finally found her forever home. ¬†One of the most special dogs that I’ve ever known is officially adopted. ¬†And on top of that, I think that she finally found the most perfect home that will love and appreciate her for all she has to offer. ¬†When you have an adoption where everything just clicks, it’s as if the two souls were just waiting to find each other until the right moment in time.


First family photo ūüôā


Jora, now Bella ‚̧

Congratulations Jora, you finally got your turn. I will love you forever my little Peanut ‚ô•

Squeaky Clean

Tofu got her first bath while she’s been with me! ¬†And the results are in- she passed the “Good Bather” test. ¬†In order to appreciate a Good Bather, one must first have adopted a holy terror of bathers. ūüėČ ¬†I’m not talking, “throws-a-tiny-fit-but-then-accepts-the-bath”. ¬†I don’t mean, “shakes-off-mid-bath-and-jumps-out-of-the-tub” or even “runs-away-hides-and-panics-before-bath-time”. ¬†I’m talking “55-pound-terror-clawing-your-body-and-hauling-ass-out-of-the-tub-as-many-times-as-possible”. ¬†This would of course be my one and only, Leroy. ¬†And if you haven’t noticed, he’s white. ¬†We use treats, wet food, special happy voice, water off, whatever it takes… He is still a terror to wash. ¬†I’m not going to lie- it involves some full body headlocks.


Pre-bath panic and shifty eyes

But my point! ¬†It is not a “little thing” to know that your future newly adopted dog (Tofu) is not only wonderful in all of the typical “amazing dog” ways; but that on top of this she just so happens to be great in the bath tub. ¬†Do not take this piece of information lightly. ¬†It is a big deal. ¬†When weighing your options on which dog to adopt; always go with the Good Bather dog. ¬†It will be a decision you do not regret ūüôā


“Iz we dun yez?”



Such a good girl!


And now I get to cuddle up with two green-tea smelling dogs that have been temporarily¬†cleansed¬†of dirt and other grossness. ¬†(Until Leroy starts crying by the door because he wants to run in the dirt- Oh wait, that’s right now ūüėČ ). ¬†But still- worth the battle. ūüôā

All done :)

All done ūüôā


If you have any questions about Tofu, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at Casey@caseyheyen.com



Doggie Friends

From what we know about Tofu’s past, we can pretty easily assume that she hasn’t had many doggie friends. ¬†She has been with me for over a month, and she has gained a great deal of trust in both me and Leroy. ¬†While they haven’t engaged in joyful and comfortable play just yet, Leroy and Tofu are bonding and making progress every day.


Tofu has done a few little play moves, but then quickly becomes nervous when Leroy gets excited and tries to engage.  It is very heartbreaking to see her struggle.  I think about how many days, weeks, or years that she spent outside and alone.  She just needs time to learn and trust.  Leroy and I are willing to give her those things. I am confident that she will play and have doggy friends in her future.


And a shout out to my main man Leroy- While he is generally a huge pain in the doggy butt, he has learned to respect Tofu’s¬†boundaries¬†and take it easy on her. ¬†Meaning there has been no face humping (which Jora happily put up with). ūüėČ ¬†He is polite and loving, sometimes just letting her cuddle nearby. ¬†Other times, kissing her face and trying to get her to play just a little bit. ¬†He has proven to be a pretty darn excellent foster brother. ¬†And I thank him for that. ¬†Tofu needs some TLC and we are both doing our best to give her that. ¬†But in the meantime, we are all happy to nap and cuddle and hang out and explore, and observe the neighborhood cats. ¬†No wrestling ¬†just yet is fine by us ūüôā

IMG_5549 (1)


If you have any questions about Tofu, Jora, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at Casey@caseyheyen.com