Brother Robert

Introducing, Brother Robert! Robert is the middle brother, in his prime college years. ┬áHe is the type of guy who can use the phrase, “lovin’ life”, and mean it to the full extent. ­čÖé ┬áHe is certainly animal friendly and always gives the dogs a nice pat on the head before he is out the door. ┬áHe will cuddle on occasion or nap with Blueberry. ┬áBut he has assigned the family cat, Lucky, as his animal. ┬á(Though somehow I am the one that took Lucky to the vet for his yearly…) ┬áRegardless, Robert is a good sport and is excited for the puppy. ┬áHe also came out and ran the LCPO 5k with Steven.




“Nice to meet you” with Robert

Robert is a great brother who does his best to participate in the dog-crazy that is our home. ┬áHe tries to help out when he can and he likes hanging with the big Lee. ┬áI am especially excited to bring the puppy home, because I know Robert is excited and will love that puppy to pieces ­čÖé

Thanks Brother Robert, for being part of this crazy family!