Happy Tails Update!

Every time I see a picture of Jora *now to be referred to as Bella* in her forever home, my heart grows 10x it’s original size. ¬†So I wanted to share some of them with you ūüôā ¬†Not only did Bella get exactly the forever home that I wanted for her, but her mom came out to volunteer at LCPO’s 5k! ¬†I’m hoping to see both of them soon at another event and catch up more. ¬†So here she is: happy, gorgeous, loving Bella.











So if you read my letter to Leroy¬†or noticed my lack of blogging,¬†you may have gathered that I’ve been a little bit busy. ¬†But I’m back! ¬†This month I received my MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. ¬†(WOOT!¬†If you’re interested in the other half of my life, you can check that out) ¬†I will be busy and working to figure life out, as always. ¬† But I promise to start providing more regular updates on Leroy’s progress! ¬†However, it was a good time to take a blogging break, because Leroy is officially on Prozac (it takes 6 weeks to see any¬†noticeable¬†changes). ¬†So I am ready and able to say that we are making progress! ¬†But I am 100% certain that this progress is a combination of Prozac and very¬†diligent¬†training. ¬†The Prozac is helping Leroy to stay under threshold more easily, and the training is giving him something active and productive to do when he becomes stressed out or overwhelmed. ¬†It had been a great combination! ¬†Not without mistakes, meltdowns, or errors of course. ¬†But the overall trend has been progress.

Leroy is more capable of coping with a slowly moving cat in the distance, or even a very still cat a few feet away! ¬†He uses his new favorite command, “Look at that”, to find something that is exciting and¬†chase-worthy. ¬†When he sees the exciting kitty, he has a moment. ¬†Maybe we’ll call it a mental freak out. ¬†He sees the cat and he wants to chase it! ¬†That’s what he knows- that’s what he does! ¬†But then he remembers-¬†If¬†he sees something exciting and he looks up at mom, he gets treats! ¬†Good boy Leroy, good boy ūüôā

We are still struggling with skateboards. ¬†Those buggers are a challenge. ¬†But we had a nice moment yesterday with a boy walking past us who was holding a skateboard. ¬†Leroy didn’t quite go over threshold, but he was crying and worked up about it. ¬†On the one hand, I could have been upset. ¬†He wasn’t even riding the skateboard, he was just carrying it! ¬†But on the other hand, I knew what to do! ¬†And guess what?! Leroy knew what to do! ¬†I waited Leroy out while he had a minor freak out… and then he gave me a very nice look away. ¬†YES! ¬†Good boy Leroy, Michaela would be proud. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Leroy got a nice reward and we left!

I goez for nap nao

I goez for nap nao.


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