Happy Tails Update!

Every time I see a picture of Jora *now to be referred to as Bella* in her forever home, my heart grows 10x it’s original size. ¬†So I wanted to share some of them with you ūüôā ¬†Not only did Bella get exactly the forever home that I wanted for her, but her mom came out to volunteer at LCPO’s 5k! ¬†I’m hoping to see both of them soon at another event and catch up more. ¬†So here she is: happy, gorgeous, loving Bella.






Why I Do What I Do- Take One

In thinking about why I foster and why I wanted to take a break ¬†for my last semester in school, I started thinking about how it affects my life, Leroy’s life, my families and friends lives, and how we adjust and do things differently when there is a foster dog here instead of just a perma-dog. ¬†
Leroy generally enjoys the transition time between foster dogs. ¬†He doesn’t especially love to share his toys. ¬†He takes some time to adjust and feel comfortable with each new dog I bring in. ¬†He doesn’t always want to share me either- my bed, love, kisses, and attention. ¬†So I always have justified that he likes being an only dog as much as he likes having a brother or sister.
After a few weeks with the foster dog, things always settled in nicely and he will play and cuddle with them.  He is a pretty tolerant guy (Jora was always following him around and trying to play).  He is a great foster brother and cuddler to the new pups.  Leroy also helps with training and showing them the ropes of this household.  He does like having a friend.  He just needs to take his time to get to know and trust them.  And this is OK with me.  
However, while Jora has been staying with her new foster family, I’ve noticed that Leroy is more prone to stress than usual. ¬†He gets more nervous about leaving the house, getting into the car, going to the vets office. ¬†He always gets a little humpy¬† mouthy after a foster leaves. ¬†He’ll spend a little more time trying to get me to wrestle with him. ¬†Maybe he’ll grab a blanket or pillow and try to¬†make love play with it. ¬†Let’s just say, he is a little bit bold for the first week or more after they leave! ¬†
Needless to say, I’m excited to have Tofu as our newest foster! ¬†She’s expected to arrive this weekend. ¬†And maybe in the future we will find another perma-dog to keep him company throughout the transitions. ¬†But for now, the reason I foster is because I can save another dogs life. ¬†Every day that I wait for Tofu I think of her living outside in this terribly cold weather. ¬†I picture her being passed from scum to scum breeder to breeder, kept outside and used for her puppies that were all taken away too soon. ¬†
There is always a dog like that who is waiting to be saved.  So that is why I foster.  
And to show you the long term benefit, I wanted to introduce a happily adopted, previous foster dog of Leroy and Co- Adele!!  
Happy Halloween!
Here is her write up from when she was up for adoption-

Introducing,¬†Adele Belle! The one of a kind girl that only the Philly ACCT could have! Adele is a beautiful 6-12 month old Pit Bull/ Boxer mix with silly Boston Terrier eyes. She practices doga (dog yoga) every day, she loves to rub against your legs for attention, she makes adorable and very funny noises while she eats, and she’s a wiggle butt! She is busy learning some basic commands and eating lots of food so she can lose the nickname, Tiny. Adele loves her foster brother (Leroy) and showed no interest in cats while at the shelter. She is waiting for her perfect forever home ūüôā


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She was skinny, has a paralyzed tongue, definitely  possibly inbred, and now she is ADOPTED!

Happily Adopted for 1+ years ūüôā

My little Adelle Belle got SO big :)  Her momma loves her very much.  It was the perfect home for her!

Little Adele Belle got SO big ūüôā Her momma loves her very much. It is the perfect home for her!


So this is my first Happy Tail. ¬†Adele from Philly ACC, saved from a high intake shelter- now loved and enjoying life in her forever home. ‚̧


If you have any questions about Tofu, Jora, becoming a foster parent, or the adoption process- you can email me (Leroy’s mom) at Casey@caseyheyen.com 

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